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Used Rotary harrow

 165 ads of used Rotary harrow

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Main Power harrow brands :

Kuhn, Amazone, Alpego, Celli, Lely, Kubota, Gramegna, Maschio Gaspardo
The rotary harrow is a tillage tool used for the preparation of the seedbed. Powered by the power take-off of a tractor, the rotary harrow can be combined with other implements or with a seed drill. On a vertical axis, several rotors equipped with teeth allow the ground to be worked over a depth of ten centimeters. The rear roller controls the working depth. A leveling bar can possibly be used to level the ground after the crumbling of the clods of earth. Find ads for used rotary harrows for the brands Kuhn, Amazone, Maschio, Rabe, Howard, Kverneland, Lely ... What is a rotary harrow? The rotary harrow is an animated tillage implement, which must be attached to an agricultural tractor. Its main role is to prepare the seedbeds by making the soil more loose and flat to facilitate germination, and by ridding plowed land of clods of earth. If the principle of the harrow has existed for hundreds of years (it would have appeared a little after the invention of the plow), the rotary harrow only saw the light of day in 1968 with the “Lelyterra” model of the Lely company, whose brand is still a recognized brand today. What are the main components of a rotary harrow? Like all harrows, the rotary harrow has a grid-shaped frame. The tool is equipped with short teeth for surface work, one (or more) rotor (s) for breaking up clods, a leveling bar, and a roller used to level the ground (in compacting the surface) and ensuring the depth. What spare parts for a rotary harrow? The tines of power harrows wear out the fastest, and can break. The rotors on which these tines are fixed can also suffer damage during use, in the event of resistance from the ground. It may be interesting to provide spare parts to avoid downtime due to unpleasant surprises. How to choose your rotary harrow? Several criteria are taken into account in the choice of your rotary harrow. First of all: what type of terrain? Rotary harrows are not suitable for very stony or rocky terrain: the material would then quickly deteriorate. On the other hand, rotary harrows can be used for different types of soils: clay, loamy, sandy ... Depending on the type of terrain and use for which you intend your harrow, you will need to choose the most suitable shape of tines. The more tapered the teeth, the easier the traction will be, but fine teeth are more likely to break in the event of an impact (eg with a stone). Square or round teeth have better strength but complicate traction. Depending on your type of crop, the configuration of your field and the tractor where your rotary harrow will be attached, you will also have to take into account other criteria when choosing this equipment: the required traction power, the weight, as well as the width of the job. There are also different types of rollers: the cage roller, the tire roller, the packer roller, the cracker roller, the spiral roller ... each with a different shape and diameter of the working parts. What is the best brand of power harrow? Several manufacturers offer this material. The reference brands are Kuhn, Amazone, Maschio Gaspardo, Lemken, Rabe and Lely. Are you looking to buy a used rotary harrow? Europe-Agriculture.com offers more than 400 advertisements of used rotary harrows. With our sorting option, you can choose to display these ads in order of price (ascending or descending), by number of hours or by year. For a more precise search, a selection by criteria is also proposed to you: choose the brand of the required material, the region of the seller, etc. Rotary harrows can be combined with a decompactor or a seed drill. They need to be combined with a tractor. You will also find advertisements of used decompacters, seed drills and agricultural tractors on Europe-Agriculture.com.
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