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Used telescopic handlers

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Main telescopic handler brands :

Merlo, Manitou, Ausa, Claas, Dieci, JCB, Schäffer, Giant
What is a telehandler? The telescopic handler is a handling machine which aims to carry heavy loads and bring them to a higher or lower height. It is used for public works but also in agricultural activities and building trades. The telescopic handler is sometimes called a construction forklift, manitou (like the brand of the same name), or even manuscopic. The telescopic handler is a rather recent machine since it was created in 1958 by Andrée Braud who imagined a machine that would resemble a tractor with a vertical mast. It is thanks to this idea that the first telehandler emerges. The Braud-Faucheux company thus took the name Manitou a few years later. Manitou-Group has been the world's leading manufacturer of telehandlers since then. What is a telehandler made of? As mentioned above, the telehandler looks like a tractor with a vertical mast. We therefore find the characteristics of the tractor such as the cabin, 4 wheels including 2 or 4 drive depending on the desired grip. A distinction is made between fixed telehandlers and rotating telehandlers whose cab can turn on itself 360 degrees. The telescopic also has a vertical mast (or boom) which can reach a horizontal position, the reach of the boom can range from 5 to 20 meters depending on the machine. It is this position that distinguishes it from a simple forklift since the latter can only move loads horizontally. How to equip your telehandler? The advantage of a telehandler is that it can be equipped with multiple attachments. First of all, the buckets: agricultural bucket, 4 in 1 bucket, grapple bucket or even buckets dedicated to a specific activity such as the beet bucket. Then we find the grippers whether they are round, square and even mixed. This is followed by forks and grapples, nacelles and jib cranes for handling activities. In short, it is possible to equip your telehandler in several possible ways which makes it an eclectic tool useful for all kinds of activities. Finally, this machine can be provided with stabilizing crutches for the stability of this material when using the arm at the end of the boom. How to choose your telehandler? It is important to follow several steps before embarking on the purchase of a telehandler, whether new or used. First of all, you need to know the details of your future use so that you know what loads you will need to transport and where they will be placed. You will thus identify the three essential criteria that your telehandler will have to respect, namely: the maximum working height: how many meters do you want the boom to extend? The offset must also be taken into account as well as the lifting capacity. Second, you should also know what type of accessories you are going to need. Forks, buckets or buckets, the choice of accessories is important because they will influence the load capacity of your truck. Finally, think globally about your business. If you work indoors, perhaps you should consider compact agricultural telehandlers. Conversely, there are larger telehandlers and therefore the load capacity will be greater. What are the brands and ranges of telehandlers? While Manitou has become one of the benchmark brands in the field of telehandlers, there are many other manufacturers who also offer agricultural and industrial telehandlers: JCB, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Bobcat, Merlo and Claas. Each manufacturer offers their own options as well as their own accessories. It's up to you to make your choice according to your activity. How to buy or sell your telehandler? Europe-Agriculture.com offers hundreds of advertisements for used telehandlers. You can choose the brand you want or just a price range that should not be exceeded. Validate your search and you will then be able to view all the advertisements to find your future telehandler. Prefer to find a cart in your area? Indicate the name of your city in our search by location then the radius to respect in kilometers. Do you want to sell your telehandler? Nothing could be simpler with the Europe-Agriculture.com site. After registering, you will easily find all the steps to take and your ad will be found in a few clicks on our site.
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