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Used Tedder

 514 ads of used Tedder

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Main haymaking brands :

Claas, Krone, Kuhn, John Deere, Pöttinger, Fella, New Holland, Vicon
The tedder is a haymaking machine pulled by a tractor. It is used to spread and turn grass to make hay. Find all the ads for used tedders for the brands Krone, Kuhn, Claas, Fella, Vicon, Pöttinger, Lely ... What is a tedder? Invented in the 19th century, the tedder is an agricultural equipment used during haymaking. Once the cutting and conditioning are done, it is used (several times, over several days) to spread and turn the fodder so as to guarantee the best possible drying. It works with the power take-off of the tractor to which it will be attached. How to use a tedder? The tedder must be combined with a tractor, which will be used to pull it as well as to animate it. However, it does not require a lot of power given its relatively light weight. When it comes to adjustments, the working height must not be neglected: your tedder must be adjusted so as not to scrape the ground, but still low enough to be able to lift and turn all the forage. The tilt of the rotors is also a useful adjustment for fragile crops or heavy and bulky forages, especially for adjusting the width of the forage spread. Finally, it may be interesting to adjust the rotational speed of the tedder rotors: the faster they turn, the greater the risk of damaging the leaves. It is therefore important to adapt your tedder to the type of crop in your field. What are the best brands of tedders? As with most agricultural hay machines, the most popular brands of tedders are Kuhn, Claas, Krone, Pöttinger, Fella and Vicon. Other well-known agricultural manufacturers are also present on this market, such as Deutz-Fahr, Massey Ferguson, Lely… Whatever brand you choose, the most important thing is to identify among the ranges offered the one that most precisely corresponds to your needs. These will depend on your forage type as well as the size and configuration of your land. Buy a used tedder on Europe-Agriculture.com Europe-Agriculture.com is 100% specialized in announcements of agricultural equipment. More than 600 tedders are for sale on our pages. Most of these are used tedders, but some new equipment is also available. Buying second-hand is a solution that allows you to reduce the cost of purchasing your tedders or other agricultural equipment. Contact the seller of your choice both to purchase your tedder directly, to ask questions about it, or to organize to carry out usage checks. Do you have specific needs and are you looking for a tedder with already well-defined characteristics? Our search filters are here to help you find the perfect tedder for you in just a few clicks. Use the menu on the left to fill in your selection criteria, including the price range that interests you. Need other hay equipment? Also discover our classified ads for mowers, presses, rakes, etc. If you are looking for spare parts for your tedder, go to the parts section, accessible from the home page.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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