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Used Round baler

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Main haymaking brands :

Claas, Kuhn, Krone, John Deere, Pöttinger, Fella, Vicon, New Holland
What is a round baler? The round baler is an agricultural machine that is used in the last stage of haymaking, after tedding, mowing and then swathing. Its purpose is to compress the windrows of straw or hay in the form of bales or bundles in order to facilitate their storage and packaging. The baler can also be called a “Baler-picker”, it can be self-propelled or else trailed using the agricultural tractor. Finally, there are also wrapping presses which directly wrap the boot in plastic film to preserve its condition. What is a round baler made of? There are several types of balers: the round or cylindrical baler and the square or rectangular baler. A press has several elements: the pick-up is the first part that intervenes. It makes it possible, thanks to its numerous tines, to pick up the windrows. Then comes the part concerning the transport of the collected fodder: there are then parts such as the feeder and the conveyor. Then, you have to compress the forage to create the bale, this step takes place in the compression chamber. How to choose your round baler? In order to choose the best round baler, it is necessary to make an inventory of your future needs and you can then make the best choice for you. Everything will therefore be decided in relation to the size of your fields, which will then determine the flow rate and the power you need. In addition, the round baler has several technical characteristics: the dimensions of the bale obtained as its width and diameter are important. The power of the press as well as the speed of the grip are also to be taken into account. Finally, equipment such as the pick-up, the maximum number of knives and the spacing are essential technical data. You can also choose whether you prefer a constant volume or a variable volume chamber. Of course, the round baler has standard spare parts such as the transmission, the hydraulic circuit or the pistons are parts that you will need to look at because their condition is inseparable from the proper functioning of your machine. Round bales or square bales? In order to determine whether you should favor round bales over square bales or vice versa, you need to think about your storage space and how you are going to place your bales inside. In this sense, round bales are a bit more bulky than square bales. However, they better preserve the quality of your hay or straw. What are the best brands of round balers? You can find on Europe-Agriculture.com all the most famous round baler manufacturers: Pottinger, Welger, New Holland, Vicon, Claas, Lely, Krone, John Deere or Deutz-Fahr. Each manufacturer plans all its ranges according to the different needs of the professional or amateur. Thus, there are ranges of small-gauge presses as well as ranges of very large throughput and power presses. Buy a used round baler It is always interesting, for the acquisition of agricultural equipment, to look to the second hand. This makes it possible to find less expensive equipment but above all, you can find the right equipment and the right tools adapted thanks to the search filters on our site. Depending on your needs, you can select a press with already several hundred hours on the clock or a press of a particular brand ...
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