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Used Hay rake

 554 ads of used Hay rake

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Main haymaking brands :

Claas, Kuhn, Krone, John Deere, Pöttinger, Fella, Vicon, New Holland
The rake or windrower is a machine that allows hay or straw to be swathed, that is, to leave a continuous belt. The swath is then picked up by a forage baler for use in composting. The rake, once pulled by animals, is now pulled by a tractor. Find all the ads for used rakes: Kuhn, Krone, Stoll, Claas, Vicon, Pöttinger rakes ... What is a windrower used for? The rake is part of the haymaking tools, that is to say tools intended to intervene during the manufacture of hay at one or more of its major stages (cutting, tedding, swathing, baling). As its name suggests, the swather is the key equipment of the swathing stage: driven by the power take-off of a tractor, it is used to collect the fodder in the form of lines called swaths, in order to allow its pickup. How to adjust your rake? There are at least two important adjustments you need to make to your equipment before swathing. First you need to adjust the pickup height of the rake (in other words adjust the height of the combs): setting too low could put soil in the windrows, and setting too high will make the job inefficient. You also need to choose the correct PTO speed: your swaths may be badly formed if the machine's speed is too high. If in doubt, find out the speed recommended by the manufacturer. How to choose your rake? The rotary rake consists of one, two or sometimes four rotor (s). Their number will be determined according to your needs (land, collection, etc.). A spindle moulder is made up of a rotor with a vertical axis, on which are fixed the combs which will hook the fodder, lift it and then deposit it so that the swath is formed. There are also belt rakes. More expensive, they guarantee a better quality of the windrows: there will in fact be less breakage and less earth mixed with the forage thanks to this system. There are also tedders-windrowers capable, as their name suggests, of performing both functions depending on how they are set. Take your pick on Europe-Agriculture.com from over 500 used rakes for sale. Which brand of rake to choose? Several manufacturers are recognized for the quality of their rakes, and firmly established on the market: Kuhn, Claas, Krone, Fella, Pöttinger or even Vicon. These brands have developed several ranges adapted to different needs and budgets. They also offer spare parts services that allow any wear problem to be resolved quickly and easily. Buy a used rake on Europe-Agriculture.com Europe-Agriculture.com is an expert site for agricultural equipment classifieds, including hay equipment such as rakes. Around thirty brands of rake are on offer, including the most popular such as Kuhn, Claas, Krone etc. If you want to find a seller located in your region in order to limit your trips, you can use the menu on the left to narrow your search area (select the country or region that interests you). Have you found the rake at the best price and meet your expectations? Chat with the seller directly by phone or by filling out the contact form.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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