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Used Harvester

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Main haymaking brands :

Claas, Kuhn, Krone, John Deere, Pöttinger, Fella, Vicon, New Holland
The mower is a haymaking machine that is used to cut grass. It is equipped with a rotary disc cutting system. The mowers can be towed, mounted or self-propelled. They can have other functions, such as conditioning, for example: this is called a mower-conditioner. The main manufacturers of mowers are Claas, Fella, Vicon, Kuhn, Pöttinger, Krone, Kverneland… What is a grim reaper? The mower is a piece of equipment used for cutting (before haymaking and then harvesting fodder). It must be associated with a tractor to allow cutting the stems in its path. The stems are then cut at their base and cleanly. Jeremiah Bailey's invention of the mechanical mower dates back to 1822. This equipment will be improved over the years. It is now produced by the majority of major agricultural manufacturers. What are the differences between severing and laceration cutting? There are two very distinct types of cut: the cut with support called “cut by sectioning” and the cut without support called “cut by laceration”. For a cutting mode by sectioning, the mower must be equipped with a cutter bar, with blade holder and cutting blade, which will cause a rectilinear movement. This cutting mode allows you to cover a greater width and achieve a very clean and clean cut. For a laceration cutting mode, the mower is equipped with rotating elements with knives. They can be drums or plates. This cutting mode allows faster work without compromising the condition of the mower (less risk of clogging and damage). What spare parts for a mower? The parts of a mower most susceptible to wear are the cutting blade and the blade holder in the case of a mower intended for cutting by sectioning, and the knives in the case of a mower equipped for cutting. by laceration (the drums or plates will also have to be replaced after a certain time). Depending on your mower, it may be useful to also provide other spare parts: rotors, discs, shoes ... Europe-Agriculture.com publishes classified ads for various spare parts in the dedicated category. Do not hesitate to search there for your used mower spare parts. How to choose your mower? For a wide and clean cut, where the stems and grasses will be relatively well separated, it is recommended to choose an alternative mower (that is to say a mower equipped for cutting by sectioning). This type of mower will not, however, be suitable for overly rocky or stony terrain, and the terrain will need to be leveled well so as not to affect the efficiency of the cutting blade. For a faster and safer cut, it is best to opt for a rotary mower (i.e. a mower that will perform a laceration cut). Some mowers are also equipped to carry out conditioning operations in addition to cutting. These will then be mower conditioners. There are also mower-conditioners-windrowers capable, as their name suggests, of arranging mown crops directly into swaths. What is the best brand of mower? Kuhn mowers are strongly present on the market, but also Claas, Krone or Pöttinger, Fella, Vicon mowers… Deutz-Fahr and John Deere have also developed their ranges for these materials. Looking to buy a used mower? Europe-Agriculture.com is a classified ads site specializing in used agricultural equipment ads: harvesting, haymaking, silage, irrigation, spreading ... You will find on our site equipment for each type of agricultural needs and work. More than 1000 ads of used agricultural mowers are available online. Choose your favorite brand and take your pick! Need to find a used mower for sale near you? Search your equipment by location by selecting your region using the options in the menu on the left. More than 1000 ads of used agricultural mowers are available online. Other used equipment for haymaking is available on our site: round or square balers, tedders, rakes, etc. Do not hesitate to consult our 100% agri ads!
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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