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Used Subsoiler

 174 ads of used Subsoiler

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Main Non-power harrow brands :

Lemken, MD Landmaschinen, Kverneland, Kuhn, Amazone, Rabe, Unia, Evers
The decompactor is a towed implement used for subsoiling. It helps to aerate the soil and break the plow soles. It consists of a steel frame to which teeth are connected. Some decompactors are equipped with a special tool called a "Jallu tooth". The decompactor can be combined with a rotary harrow. It is a tool that requires very little maintenance. Consult the advertisements of used decompactors for the brands Agrisem, Quivogne, Laforge, Bonnel, Durou, Guilbart ...
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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