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Main Non-power harrow brands :

MD Landmaschinen, Lemken, Kuhn, Kverneland, Unia, Awemak, Amazone, Evers
What is a plow? The plow is defined as: “an agricultural instrument used to plow and work in an asymmetrical way, rejecting and turning the soil on one side only”. Plowing the land means turning it over, which will allow all the residue from previous crops to be buried and thus aerate the soil and prepare it as best as possible for future sowing. There are currently several types of plows: the single plow plow, the reversible plow plow, the mounted or semi-mounted plow plow. All plows have either mouldboards or discs. Once pulled by animals, the plow has remained a primary soil preparation tool and is now pulled by an agricultural tractor. What are the parts of a plow? A plow, no matter what type, is always made up of the same main parts. Undoubtedly the most important parts since it is these which allow the turning of the soil, the ploughshare, the coulter and the mouldboard and the skimmer constitute the plow body. Each has a well-defined role: the share will cut the earth horizontally. The coulter performs the vertical cut. The moldboard comes in last as it turns the piece of earth that has just been cut upside down. The skimmer is a non-essential part but it is often present on the plows since it allows to mow what remains of the previous crop. The plow is of course made up of a frame. The age is the main part that makes up this frame. The tractor will be able to pull the draft thanks to its coupling head. How to choose your plow? As with all agricultural implements, it is imperative to know your needs before purchasing a plow. It is essential to question the future use of the machine in order to choose the number of plow bodies, the desired working width but also the safety of the plow (as with the non-stop system from Kverneland). The plow body must be chosen according to the nature of the soil to be treated: thus, the parts which compose it, mouldboards, nozzles and skimmers will also be calibrated according to the quality of the soil. How to properly adjust your plow? It takes several steps to achieve an optimal adjustment of your plow. First of all, the tractor itself must be adapted to the plow it will have to tow behind it thanks to its 3-point hitch. You can also do some small checks on the farm tractor such as the tire pressure and the positioning of the jack stands. Next, you need to inspect your plow parts and make sure they are in good condition ... of course, parts in advanced wear and tear will do a worse job than serviced parts. It is recommended to favor large mouldboards for your skimmers. As a last step, you must check the correct height of your skimmers, because they are the ones that will allow quality burial. Who are the plow builders? You will find on Europe-Agriculture.com all the best brands of plows. Kuhn, Kverneland, Lemken, Grégoire-Besson, Amazone, Goizin, Vogel & Noot, Bonnel etc. Each manufacturer offers specific ranges and options that can meet all buyers' requests. At Kuhn, for example, there are reversible mounted plows or semi-mounted reversible plows. Kvenerland also offers this type of plow in addition to the single-reach plows and the Ecomat. Lemken plows are also mounted or semi-mounted and reversible. What will distinguish manufacturers are rather the options offered and the characteristics of their plows. Today, the main advantages of a plow are its greater or lesser working width and its efficiency in order to always gain in profitability. The advent of the Isobus, a system that allows tractor, implement and console to communicate has revolutionized the way farmers work. It goes without saying that this option is therefore widely acclaimed by buyers. A used plow for sale? Are you selling your 2 coulters, 4 coulters? Or do you have a used disc plow for sale? Whatever your type of plow, Europe-Agriculture.com is there to help you in your stages of selling your agricultural machine. It is certain today that most farmers or groups of farmers favor the sale or purchase of second-hand equipment for their various materials. This is why the Europe-Agriculture.com advertisement site is an ally of choice to facilitate your generally tedious procedures ... Indeed, after registering, you can search for all the agricultural equipment of your choice ranging from breeding equipment to farm tools. ground up to the combines. The plow is one of the tools most sought after by buyers. If you put your plow for sale on our site, indicate its characteristics and then take advantage of our 2 million monthly visitors to hope to sell your equipment.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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