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Used Disc harrow

 493 ads of used Disc harrow

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Main Non-power harrow brands :

MD Landmaschinen, Lemken, Kuhn, Kverneland, Unia, Awemak, Amazone, Evers
What is a stubble cultivator? The stubble cultivator is the name of the tool used to carry out the stubble cultivation activity. Stubble cultivation is the action of working the soil in a superficial manner in order to bury the stubble (thatch is the part of the cereal stalk that remains after harvest) and the straw in order to accelerate and promote their decomposition. The goal is to achieve the best homogeneous mixture. Several types of stubble cultivators? There are three types of harrows: disc harrows first, they can be carried or towed. They have two rows of independent discs or two rows of parallel discs. These different V or X assemblies are called. Stubble cultivators have two to three rows of tines, sometimes with a rear roller. A stubble cultivator can be like its colleague carried or towed. Finally, it may or may not be collapsible as needed. It is possible to add leveling discs on the stubble cultivators. Finally, the mixed stubble cultivators (implied which are composed of discs and tines) are only available trailed, because of their greater mass, than the two other types of stubble cultivators. It is also possible to add an optional rear roller. What are the important characteristics of the stubble cultivator? A stubble cultivator has different characteristics. Whether disc, tooth or mixed, you can choose the number of discs or the number of teeth you want. The row spacing is an important feature as is the underframe clearance. Finally, there are also 3 possible types of safety for all types of stubble cultivators: mechanical non-stop, hydraulic non-stop or even with bolts. You can also choose the type of tip. The power of your machine as well as its loading length will also be criteria to take into account. What is the best brand of stubble cultivator? There are several manufacturers of stubble cultivators. Pottinger, Kuhn, Terrano, Amazone, Lemken and Kverneland share the market among others. Each manufacturer produces disc harrows, stubble cultivators and combination harrows but offer different options. Pottinger offers the Synkro range for its stubble cultivators and the Terradisc range for its disc harrows. The brand also offers the useful Durastar option to extend the life of the coulters. Kuhn names its cultivator ranges Cultimer and Optimer. Are you looking for a used stubble cultivator for sale? You will find all the used stubble cultivators for sale on our website Europe-Agriculture.com. Always looking for the most important criteria for our sellers and buyers, Europe-Agriculture.com offers you ultra-precise search filters to find the best material for you. Are you selling a used stubble cultivator? Go to our sales area, fill in all the technical characteristics of your stubble cultivator and then validate your ad.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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