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Used JCB telescopic handlers

 164 ads of used JCB telescopic handlers

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Main telescopic handler brands :

Merlo, Manitou, Ausa, Claas, Dieci, JCB, Schäffer, Giant
Where does the JCB brand come from? JCB is named after its builder, Joseph Cyril Bamford, who created this company to build equipment for all areas of construction and agriculture. He began by making a dump trailer in 1945, but it was with the Major loader that the brand gained recognition in the field of agriculture. JCB has grown steadily ever since and now has 22 factories around the world. More than 10,000 people work for JCB and for its production of equipment for 5 major activities: construction and agriculture but also waste and recycling, handling and logistics and finally energy production. The brand thus manufactures all kinds of equipment such as tractors, backhoe loaders, aerial platforms and especially telescopic forklifts. It was in 1977 that the first telescopic handler named JCB 520 appeared. Named industrial forklifts on the brand's official website, there are several ranges for these materials. What are the ranges of JCB telehandlers? There are several ranges of JCB telehandlers for the agricultural sector. The ranges are called 27 agri, 30 agri and Agri 35 depending on the type of truck and its power. The 27 agri range offers telehandlers with a lifting height of up to 4 meters, a lifting capacity of almost 3 tons and a lifting capacity of 14,000 kilos with an offset of 2 meters. The 30 agri telescopic handlers are more robust with a lifting capacity of more than 5 meters and 2 meters in offset. Finally, the Agri 35 range offers the Teletruk TLT 35 model, a telehandler that can carry up to 3.5 tonnes and a height of 4.4 meters. Comfort, economy, ease of maintenance and safety are the strengths of all models of JCB telehandlers. Why buy a JCB telehandler? In order to meet the specific demands of the agricultural sector, telescopic handlers can carry very heavy loads. The telescopic boom allows easy unloading while allowing for a small footprint. Single or canopy cabins can be chosen for your cart. The great thing about the JCB telehandler is that it can replace several construction machines on its own, saving the buyer a lot of time and money. Europe-Agriculture.com can help you in your search for a new or used JCB telehandler. Of course, in order to know which is the best telehandler to choose for your business, you need to know precisely all the jobs that you are going to have to do with your machine. So you can choose the characteristics such as its power or the offset of the boom for example. What is the price of a telehandler? The price of a telehandler will depend on the features and options you choose. Of course, a new telehandler is going to cost a lot more than a used telehandler. This is why, in agriculture, a lot of materials are chosen on advertising sites like Europe-Agriculture.com Find your used JCB telehandler Europe-Agriculture.com centralizes all the advertisements of used telehandlers for you. Do you prefer a used JCB telehandler? On the other hand, would you rather go for a new JCB telehandler? Europe-Agriculture.com is the right place to find all your favorite JCB gear. Indicate all your expectations such as horsepower and a price range for your cart and then you will be able to view hundreds of international, national and even regional advertisements if you enter your department in the location space. JCB telehandler spare parts When planning a purchase or already own a JCB telehandler, one of the most important aspects to consider is its maintenance. Whether it is for the wheels, for the engine, for the boom or even the cabin, you owe it to yourself to maintain your machine regularly and correctly in order to increase its life. That is, well-maintained equipment is equipment that will do a better job. You can find all the parts you need to repair or maintain your JCB telehandler in our spare parts section.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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