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Silage :  684 used equipment classified ads

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Forage harvester or forage harvester is an agricultural machine that collects fodder for silage (that is, stores fodder in a silo to feed livestock). A forage harvester can be self-propelled or towed. Different accessories can be attached to the front of the forage harvester, depending on the plant species to be harvested: a pick-up (toothed roller) for harvesting grass, nozzles for harvesting corn, a bar of cutter or rotating spout for wheat. Nowadays the most used silage technique is to work with a self-propelled forage harvester and a trailer hitched to a tractor. The forage is crushed by the chopper drum of the forage harvester and thrown into the trailer by a blower. The trailer then allows the fodder to be transported to its storage location. However, some forage harvesters are equipped with a hopper which allows them to transport the forage directly. The main manufacturers of silage equipment are John Deere, New Holland, Claas, Krone, Kemper, Idass
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