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Used Self-propelled silage harvester

 373 ads of used Self-propelled silage harvester

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What is a forage harvester? The forage harvester, also known as the forage harvester-loader, is designed as its name suggests to perform three tasks at once, almost simultaneously: harvesting green or haylage for silage (i.e. - say to a silo which will promote their conservation by fermentation), the chopping of the harvested product, and finally its loading in a trailer or dump semi-trailer which must be located near the machine. The bucket can in some cases be directly coupled to the forage harvester, or to a tractor which must therefore accompany during the harvest. For large farms, several tractor-tipper units will often even be mobilized alongside the forage harvester for better performance. How it works ? The self-propelled forage harvester is equipped with several systems to perform its three different functions. Harvesting The forage harvester is fitted with a harvesting head. There are several types, to choose from depending on what is harvested. Thus, for cereals harvested at the immature stage (wheat, barley, oats, triticale, etc.) a cutter bar or a rotating nozzle should be favored, for fodder already mown and arranged in windrows, it will rather be necessary to use a machine equipped with a pick-up pick-up, finally there is a rotating nozzle specially designed for corn. Chopping It is carried out by chopping drums. The harvested fodder will first be compressed using crenellated rollers which will act as a sheeter while bringing it to the drums. Loading This is a blower system that will move the forage into the bucket stopped next to (or behind) the forage harvester. Which forage harvester to choose? In addition to choosing the right equipment for your forage harvester, which must be appropriate for the type of forage to be harvested and ensiled (wheat, corn, etc.), other selection criteria will have to be considered when purchasing your equipment: the cutting length, the power of the machine, its flow rate, the percentage of grain breakage ... And of course, you will have to adapt your final choice to your budget! This is why buying second-hand can be a way to get the best equipment at the best price. About twenty classified ads for self-propelled forage harvesters can be viewed on our site. What is the best forage harvester brand? Claas dominates the forage harvester market. The brand has indeed been the leader in this product since 1977! Agricultural manufacturer John Deere takes second place, followed by New Holland who invented the self-propelled forage harvester. Other brands like Fendt, Kemper or Schuitemaker also offer their models. Buy a self-propelled forage harvester on Europe-Agriculture.com Europe-Agriculture.com is a site 100% specialized in the classifieds of agricultural equipment. You will find self-propelled forage harvesters, but also nozzles and pick-ups for forage harvesters. For a faster and more efficient search, select your favorite brand, the power or even the year of the material you are looking for, in order to display the most relevant classifieds first. Are you looking for a seller located near you? In this case, indicate which region interests you the most among the available regions. Identify the ad that best meets your expectations in just a few clicks, and make sure you make the best choice!
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