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Used Combine drill

 150 ads of used Combine drill

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Main seed drill brands :

Amazone, Kverneland, Kuhn, Horsch, Monosem, Becker, Lemken, Accord
What is a seed drill combination? The seed drill is a combination of a seed drill and a rotary harrow. It allows you to prepare the soil in a single step using a rotary harrow and then easily deposit the seeds using the seeder. This combination seed drill and rotary harrow saves considerable time for the user, which is why the seed drill combination is one of the most coveted equipment by farmers. What are the brands of seed drill combination? As with most agricultural equipment, the same brands share the market for seed drills such as Sulky, Kuhn, Amazone, Kverneland, Horsch and Lemken. Each brand produces different ranges and models of combined seed drills. They offer several types of seed drills depending on the technique used by the professional. These can be mechanical or pneumatic seed drills, precision seed drills and intercrop seed drills as offered by Amazone. All manufacturers of combine seed drills are trying to distinguish themselves from one another by introducing new options, always with a view to improving the ergonomics and performance of their equipment. How to optimally adjust your seed drill combination? Some data must be taken into account upstream in order to make the settings for your sowing combination. First of all, the weather is an important criterion since you do not make the same settings for your drill combination in rainy weather as in sunny weather. Same thing if your plot has rather stony types of soil. Finally, you must adjust your sowing combination according to the type of seeds you want to deposit. Of course, there are still other criteria such as the possibility of strong exposure to the wind. You must also think about the ideal time to carry out your semi according to the duration of your future cultures. What options for a seed drill combination? It is possible to add elements to your seeding combination in order to create your tailor-made equipment and perfectly adapted to the future agricultural activities that you are going to carry out. The Isobus system, for example, allows you to manage your output and make adjustments directly from your cabin. You can choose a combined seed drill that is carried or trailed or the spacing of the tines or discs of your rotary harrow Are you looking for a used seed drill combination? You are in the right place ! Europe-Agriculture.com offers you hundreds of announcements of new or used seed drill combinations. Would you like to buy a Kuhn seed drill combination? On the contrary, do you want to sell your sowing combination quickly? You just need to register on our site Europe-Agriculture.com. You will then be able to discover your space dedicated to the sale of your equipment, for example select the “Seed drill” category to sell your seeding combination. Fields are required such as the brand of your Kuhn, Amazone, Kverneland seeder etc ... or the number of hours field in order to naturally indicate the number of hours of use of your seeding combination. Other fields such as options are indicated as "recommended", meaning that if you fill them in, your ad will be filled in optimally and you then increase your chances of selling your sowing combination quickly. Are you looking for spare parts for your seed drill combination? Discover our “Agricultural spare parts” category and find the spare parts for your combine seed drill!
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