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Used Precision Seeder

 221 ads of used Precision Seeder

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Main seed drill brands :

Amazone, Kverneland, Kuhn, Monosem, Horsch, Becker, Lemken, Accord
What is a precision seed drill? Corn, beet, soybean, rapeseed and sunflower crops, among others, need a regular seed arrangement added at precise spacing. In this case, we will use a precision seed drill because, as its name suggests, it allows the seeds to be arranged one by one and with a spacing that the farmer can define beforehand. It is also sometimes referred to as a precision seed drill. What are the types of precision seed drills? Today, there are two types of precision seed drills depending on their mode of operation: the mechanical or pneumatic precision seed drill. The latter is the one that we will find most often since it easily adapts to all types and sizes of seeds. How does the precision seed drill work? The precision seed drill is first of all made up of a hopper, which is nothing less than the reservoir in which to place the seeds. These seeds can be poured either manually with bags or even with a bucket. Agitators are moving parts that regulate the feed to the hopper. Then comes the distribution system which allows you to measure the number of seeds to be sown. The planting devices, discs or coulters, deposit the seed in the ground. Finally, seed markers or pre-emergence markers provide the operator with visibility into the route he has just completed. It is possible to make some adjustments directly from the driving position. You can indeed adjust the maximum soil depth of your seed drill or the seed flow variator depending on the quality of the soil you are treating. A stony area for example will lead you to choose a more powerful flow. What are the options of the precision seed drill? It is already known that a precision seed drill can be pneumatic or mechanical and that it can be either carried or towed. But a precision seed drill can also have other technical characteristics. With precision agriculture dominating the market, planters today can be equipped with the ISOBUS system to easily control your precision planter from your cab. You can add a coulter or rotary debris remover to your precision seeder, or even coulter or disc openers. A simple (flat iron or rubber) or axial press roller can also be useful. Finally, you can add a micro-granulator and a fertilizer either with coulters or discs. How to optimize the use of your precision seed drill? After preparing the soil with a stubble cultivator or harrow, it's finally time to use your precision seed drill. There are tips for getting the most out of your precision seed drill. Make sure the press wheels are correctly adjusted as well as the possible offset of the press wheels in order to avoid blockages. Your discs and coulters must always be in good condition, it is advisable to clean them regularly in order to keep your seed drill in good condition for a long time. Be careful with the wear of the sowing discs and also check the pressure of your tires. The precision seed drill is a machine that is used a few times a year, with proper maintenance it is possible to keep the seed drill intact for a long time. Are you looking for a precision seed drill for sale? The manufacturers of precision seed drills are Kuhn, Monosem, Becker, Kverneland or even Gaspardo. Are you looking for a used Kuhn precision seed drill? Or new? Or are you looking for a Monosem precision seed drill? You have come to the right place because Europe-Agriculture.com is listing you used single-seed drills for sale. Go to the “Seed Drill” category and choose from over 600 advertisements of Precision Seeders. You can tick your favorite brand to reduce the number of ads. Of course, you also have more precise filters such as the location of your future seed drill. Europe-Agriculture.com also offers you the possibility of finding all the equipment and spare parts you need for your seeder.
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