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Used Slurry tanker

 203 ads of used Slurry tanker

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Main crop dusting brands :

Amazone, Rauch, Fliegl, MD Landmaschinen, Unia, Veenhuis, Joskin, Vicon
The slurry tanker is agricultural equipment used for spreading: it spreads slurry (liquid) on crops to fertilize them. The slurry tanker is generally towed and rests on one, two or three axles depending on its volume. The slurry tankers consist of a tank, a pumping system (the slurry being stored in a tank) and a spreading system. A ton of slurry can also be used to apply chemical liquid fertilizer. The main brands of slurry tankers are, Pichon, Joskin, Mauguin, Jeantil, Agrimat, Armor What is a ton of slurry or digestate? The slurry tanker (or slurry spreader) is a semi-mounted agricultural equipment which intervenes as its name suggests when spreading slurry or digestate in the fields, in order to enrich the soils and promote their future. culture. This equipment is made up of three main elements with different functions: A cistern to transport the slurry. A pumping system that allows the cistern to be filled: it is a vacuum pump that will therefore not touch the slurry. The pump can also fulfill the function of a compressor to regulate the pressure of the flows. A spreading system to spread the slurry on the desired surfaces. Depending on the type of spreader, the slurry will be thrown in layers (in the case of a slurry tanker with a pallet nozzle), run off in a slope-type ramp which will release it closer to the ground (in the case of a slurry with ramp and hose lines) or buried using tines or discs (if you opt for a burial-type slurry tanker). How to choose your slurry tanker? The cheapest slurry tanker is the pallet nozzle slurry tanker. Its purchase cost will be lower, but also its cost of use. However, a boom and hose slurry tanker will provide a greater working width, and decrease the range of the slurry odor. The choice of a landfill will guarantee you a total absence of bad odors (the slurry being buried) and a better efficiency in terms of recovery, but you should know that this material requires a greater financial investment than that of the other two. . You will therefore have to make your choice according to your needs and your budget, which must be carefully considered beforehand. Please note: in France, the "National Plan for the Reduction of Atmospheric Pollutant Emissions" plans to ban the use of slurry tankers with pallet nozzles around 2025. Whatever type of slurry tanker is chosen, other criteria must be considered in order to make the best choice adapted to your situation: the capacity of tonnes (in liters), the air flow of the compressor and the pressure of spreading. How to use a slurry tanker? It is important to have properly prepared slurry for the pumping stage. The slurry should not stagnate for too long, so it is recommended to stir your slurry tank every month using a pit mixer. Likewise, so that the spreading step goes smoothly: it can be useful to integrate a mixer in your slurry tanker if the road is long before reaching your field. The spreading of slurry is highly regulated due to its impact on the environment, especially near rivers or inhabited areas. Thus, it is imperative to establish a spreading plan, and to respect the burial distances and deadlines established according to the types of soil and environment as well as the type of your slurry tanker. Find out before you take action! Snow-covered, flooded or frost-prone areas, too sloping land, uncultivated land or land with legumes are prohibited from spreading. What is the best brand of slurry tanker? The Pichon brand is the leader in slurry tankers in France. It offers a wide choice of ranges and models, with different capacities, so that each farmer can find the best equipment corresponding to his configuration of the land. Other manufacturers are recognized in the market. Thus the Joskin, Veenhuis, Kaweco and Vaia brands are also present among our ads for used slurry tankers. Are you looking to buy a used slurry tanker? More than 40 classified ads for used slurry tankers have been posted on our site by agricultural machinery professionals. Do not hesitate to consult them in detail to find your happiness. Europe-Agriculture.com is the right place to buy your agricultural equipment cheaper: choose the second-hand!
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