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Used Manure spreader

 178 ads of used Manure spreader

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Main crop dusting brands :

Amazone, Rauch, Fliegl, MD Landmaschinen, Unia, Veenhuis, Joskin, Vicon
The manure spreader is a piece of equipment that spreads manure on crops. Some models are self-propelled, but most are towed and powered by a tractor PTO. The larger spreader models have a spreading table. Are you looking for a used manure spreader? Discover all the announcements of Rolland, Leboulch, Samson, Deguillaume, Jeantil, Sodimac spreaders What is a manure spreader? The manure spreader is an agricultural equipment that occupies a major place in the fertilization of crops. Its role consists in making it possible to transport the manure from the place where it is stored to the field to be fertilized, then to spread the manure on the ground after having shredded it (if necessary, according to its consistency) in you. ensuring that the work is as clean and regular as possible. What is its function ? The spreader is in fact a semi-mounted trailer (but it can also sometimes be hitched to the tractor) which can operate according to different principles depending on the type of manure to be spread: For compact manure, opt for a rear projection spreader. When spreading, a moving floor will drive the manure towards the rear of the trailer, where it will be reduced to pieces by “hedgehogs” (in other words rotors provided with teeth or claws, or even with crenellated discs etc. ) then scattered on the ground. For softer or muddy manure, side spray spreaders might be preferred. In this case, several mechanisms are able to allow this particular projection of the manure (with a nozzle or flail chains). How to choose the right manure spreader? The choice of your spreader should first depend on your manure. Thus, pig or cattle manure and poultry manure require different configurations and dosage. In terms of the amount to be spread and the tonnage required, you will need much less tonnes per hectare with poultry manure than with pig or cattle manure. Note that there are wide-body spreaders (which will therefore allow spreading over a greater width) and narrow-body spreaders. In terms of precision and complexity of the work, poultry manure is more demanding. For poultry manure, a spreader with a spreading table is recommended, while for pig or cattle manure hedgehogs will do just fine (preferably vertical hedgehogs). Also pay attention to your soil type and how much weight it will support. Finally, learn about the needs of your land based on what you plan to grow there. Of course, your spreader will also have to be adapted to the tractor that will be used to carry it: check that the latter has the appropriate power. What is the best brand of spreader? The best known brands are Rolland, Jeantil, Sodimac and Pichon. You can also find on Europe-Agriculture.com used spreaders from the Samson, Tebbe, Joskin, Veenhuis brands… All these manufacturers have solid expertise. Looking to buy a used spreader? Our site is the right place to buy used agricultural equipment! Choose from among a hundred advertisements and fifteen brands. Identify the best price using our search options, indicate your main criteria and find in a few clicks the offer that best suits you. Choosing to buy second-hand can be a good way to limit your expenses while meeting the needs of your farm. Do you have any doubts about the condition of the equipment offered for sale, its capabilities or its prerequisites? Do not hesitate to contact the seller to ask all your questions before you decide. Our site also offers the possibility of filtering the classifieds by location of the sellers: your farm is located in Lorraine? To make the equipment for sale closest to you displayed first, check this region in the search menu before proceeding to the selection step.
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