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Main Fodder distribution brands :

Trioliet, Strautmann, Kuhn, Siloking, BVL, Peecon, Emily, Keenan
What is a mixer? The mixer is a fodder distribution machine that mixes fodder homogeneously to achieve complete rations for farm animals. The mixer works with a screw or paddle system and is fed by a hopper. It can be self-propelled or towed. What are the different types of mixers? There are different types of mixers. Trailed mixers are mixer trailers which therefore need a tractor to be used unlike self-propelled mixers. There are also self-loading mixers. What are the brands of mixers? There are several brands of mixer: Trioliet, Kuhn, Strautmann, BVL, Marmix, Tatoma, Jeulin ... How to choose your mixer? A mixer has different options. First, you can choose a trailed or self-propelled mixer. A mixer, whether self-propelled or towed, has either one, two or three augers. It is possible to add secondary equipment to a mixer such as counter knives, a multi-speed gearbox or even anti-overflow rings. You can choose the capacity of your mixer, generally between 5m³ and 32m³. Distribution can be rear, front or side. How to optimize my mixer? In order to get the best quality rations possible, there are a few tips for getting the most out of your mixer. First of all, the coupling of your mixer is very important. Indeed, your trailer must be in perfect alignment with your tractor. The weighing system is essential to control your rations, which is why it is important to regularly check that it is working properly. Knives are parts that wear out quickly, so their condition should be checked carefully once a month. The more the knives are worn, the more the life of your blades will be penalized. Be sure to choose the size of your knives, short or long depending on the type of forage. It is interesting to note that long knives affect the power of your mixer by requiring 3 to 5 more horsepower. Counter knives can also be useful especially for hay and straw. Place your forage in the center of the mixer for an even more even distribution. You can limit the loss of fodder during transfer into the silo by placing your mixer as close as possible to it. Finally, do not fill your mixer to the brim, you can leave at least ten centimeters. How do I properly maintain my mixer? Like all agricultural machinery, a mixer requires regular maintenance. Tire pressure, lubricating the gimbals and checking the wear of parts are therefore very important. It is recommended to check the condition of the carpet and clean it if necessary. You can check the condition of the dispensing unit. In conclusion, a good use and especially a good maintenance of your mixer will greatly influence the quality of your mixtures produced. Find your used mixer for sale on Europe-Agriculture.com Are you looking for your future mixer? You are in the right place ! Europe-Agriculture.com offers you hundreds of ads for used and new mixers. Take advantage of our search filters and indicate your expectations to quickly find the material that suits you. Price range, power, location, you will find everything you need on the site Europe-Agriculture.com What is the price of a mixer? The price of a mixer is not fixed, it will depend on your choices in terms of capacity, power and options. Quickly sell your mixer thanks to Europe-Agriculture.com Because Europe-Agriculture.com scrambles to know the expectations of professionals and individuals in terms of sales of agricultural machinery, our sales area is adapted so that you can indicate all the most precise criteria of your mixer. After you have identified yourself, go to the mixer section and indicate the criteria for your mixer: number of screws, number of counter-knives, etc. Finally validate your ad and take advantage of our millions of visitors to sell your mixer.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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