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Used Self loading wagon

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Main farming trailer brands :

Pronar, Fliegl, Strautmann, Wielton, Schuitemaker, Krone, Pöttinger, Beco
What is a self-loading trailer? Simply called "Self-loading wagons" by all professionals in the agricultural community, the self-loading wagon is essential equipment for haymaking activities. It’s when harvest time arrives and forage harvesting is needed that owning a loader comes in handy. Thus, the main function of a self-loading trailer is its ability to easily and quickly harvest the grass that will be used to feed the animals or rather stored as silage. Sometimes there is a mower that can be attached to the trailer to merge mowing and collection activities. This generates a very significant time saving. Self-loading wagons can also be used as a simple “container” as to accompany a forage harvester. In this case, the forage harvester is responsible for harvesting the forage which is blown directly into the self-loading wagon. What is a self-loading trailer made of? A self-loading trailer is made up of several parts: drawbar, collecting unit, cutting system and a hydraulic circuit. The self-loading trailer is also equipped with a pick-up for collecting grass and a moving floor that allows it to be unloaded. The moving floor is a very useful option since it allows very fast unloading. The moving floors are driven hydraulically. The biggest advantage of owning a self-loading wagon is that it can be separated from the forage harvester, which saves time and money. What are the characteristics of a self-loading trailer? The main characteristic of a self-loading trailer is its transport capacity, indeed it is this fact that will be essential in the choices of farmers. Certain self-loading wagons such as the self-loading wagons from the AX range from Krone have a capacity that can range from 25 to 31 m³. The TX range from Krone offers the largest hopper capacity, reaching 56 m³. Pöttinger, in addition to also offering various hopper capacities, separates its ranges of self-loading wagons according to their operating modes. There are therefore self-loading wagons with combs (Euroboss and Primo models from Pöttinger) or multi-functional self-loading wagons with rotor. Like the majority of agricultural equipment, there are different brands and different ranges of self-loading wagons. The brands choose to distinguish between self-loading wagons according to their engine power and hopper capacity. Thus, visitors and potential buyers of self-loading wagons can easily find the range that suits them. A self-loading trailer can vary from 70 horsepower for the smallest sizes and up to 450 horsepower for the larger and more powerful. What are the brands of self-loading wagons? There are different brands of self-loading wagons manufacturers. The best known are Pöttinger, Krone, Strautmann, Claas, Schuitemaker, Mengele, Bergmann, Belair, Bonino, Deutz-Fahr, Supetino, Lely… Each of these brands offers different models of self-loading wagons in order to meet all customer requests and especially in order to adapt to all the potential characteristics of future harvests. So the most wanted models are all on Europe-Agriculture.com, you just need to select the model name and then scroll through the ads. What is the price of a loader on Europe-Agriculture.com? Like all agricultural equipment, the price of a Krone self-loading trailer or a Pöttinger self-loading trailer will of course depend on its condition and year of production. All brands offer loaders at different prices and with different equipment, which is why prices can vary easily. Fortunately, Europe-Agriculture.com allows you to do some good deals to find your loader. With around fifty ads for loaders of all brands, Europe-Agriculture.com allows you to filter your search by price range. So you will have second-hand self-loading wagons at very low prices and also advertisements for new self-loading wagons that can reach over 50,000 euros. These high prices can be a drag on buying new agricultural equipment, which is why many customers are turning to second-hand purchases. Spare parts for self-loading wagons You already own a loader trailer and you might be looking for a good deal to change your wear parts. Europe-Agriculture.com is the right place to find all the parts you need. Choose the category that interests you, such as spare parts for hay machines, so you will find all the parts suitable for your loader. Engine parts, gaskets, body parts, you will find everything you need on Europe-Agriculture.com Locate your loader Thanks to our geolocation tool, you will be able to find the autoloader that suits you and closest to you. Are you looking for a self-loading wagon in Lorraine? Would you like to find your loader rather in the Franche-Comté region? Use our search filters to select the departments closest to you. If you find your loader in a nearby location, you will avoid higher transport costs, for example.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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