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Used New Holland Combine harvester

 123 ads of used New Holland Combine harvester

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New Holland history It was because Abe Zimmerman established his first agricultural product construction workshop in the town of New Holland, Pennsylvania in 1895 that he decided to keep this name as a trademark for his equipment. Its aim is to help the surrounding farmers by making machines for feeding livestock and for working in the fields in general. Agricultural tractors, windrowers, mini-loaders, combine harvesters: these are the types of equipment that will be offered by New Holland. The first New Holland Twin rotor combine was released in 1974 and will revolutionize the field. That’s why New Holland has continued to create new ranges and models of combine harvesters ever since. What are the New Holland combine harvester ranges? New Holland equipment is easily recognized by its characteristic colors, yellow and blue. Currently, the brand offers its combine harvesters in 6 distinct ranges. CX5, CX6, CX7, CX8, CR Révélation are New Holland's most coveted ranges. The all-new CH range stands out as it successfully combines the advantages of twin-rotor grain separation with a conventional combine threshing machine. This model is widely acclaimed by professionals for its performance. As with all combine harvester producers, each NH combine harvester range has dozens of models. The goal is to be able to meet any requirements of potential buyers. Thus, the combines can be more or less powerful, the length of the cutter bar can be chosen, tools can be adapted according to the crops or work to be done and finally it is also possible to add or not options. Which New Holland front implements? New Holland offers different ranges of tools depending on the nature of the job. For example, you will be able to improve your yields thanks to long or high capacity cutter bars. There are 3 types of cutter bars developed by NH: the high capacity cutter bar, the Verifeed cutter bar and finally the Superflex cutter bar. Of course, swath pickers and corn headers are also accessories that you can find under the New Holland brand. Why choose a New Holland combine harvester? New Holland now offers dozens of options that can improve the work of farmers and entrepreneurs. For example, the threshing system can be combined with the Opti-fresh option in order to guarantee optimum straw or grain quality. Reduced operating costs, great driving comfort and unmatched crop qualities are the arguments that can lead you to choose New Holland technology for your future harvests. Price of a used New Holland combine? Europe-Agriculture.com invites you to find your used New Holland combine harvester among our thousands of listings. Because we know that our visitors already have very specific criteria to choose their equipment, we have created filters that will reduce the number of ads and thus only present you with ads that are completely in line with your harvester search. Do not hesitate to indicate a price range or the year of production. Today, you will find New Holland combines between 5,000 euros for the older ones and up to 120,000 for the newer ones. The included options and sometimes New Holland equipment such as the corn header or the cutter bar, of course, have an influence on the price displayed on the ad. Spare parts for New Holland combine harvesters If you are looking for spare parts for your New Holland combine harvesters, go to our “agricultural equipment” and “agricultural spare parts” sections where you can find everything you need. Need to find New Holland equipment or need to service the engine of your used or new New Holland combine? Simply click on the desired categories and then browse through Europe-Agriculture.com to find that rare gem. Alerts can also help you not to miss a New Holland opportunity, just remember to activate it during your various searches for New Holland parts.
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