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Used John Deere Combine harvester

 161 ads of used John Deere Combine harvester

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John Deere Combine History It was in 1837 that John Deere adapted to the needs of American farmers by creating plows designed for sandy soils. The brand will build its first combine in 1927. It is called No. 2 and has a power of 35 hp. The No.1 model will be launched a year later and will be equipped with a cutter bar. Since then, John Deere has become a benchmark manufacturer in the agricultural field. In order to meet all the expectations of farmers, John Deere now offers several ranges and models of combine harvesters. What are the lines and models of John Deere combines? John Deere distinguishes 3 ranges of combine harvesters. The first is called the T range with 4 possible models. The T550, T560, T660 and T670 range. Each of the models has well-defined characteristics such as maximum power ranging from 305 hp for the T550 range up to 455 hp for the T670 model. The total active separation area or the channel width are also criteria defined for each combine model. The second range is the S700 range, also named by the manufacturer as the automated combine harvesters. Finally, the latest range “to a thousand quintals per hour” is the X9 range, the latest arrival at the manufacturer and which has very high performance. What are the strengths of a harvester? John Deere, like other combine harvester manufacturers, argue on the strengths of its equipment in order to stand out from its competitors. It is the quality of the grain that is emphasized since John Deere combines guarantee grain breakage of less than 1%. John Deere also offers tools such as the calculator which allows you, for example, to calculate your output in tonnes, the possible losses but above all the profits that you will be able to make. Finally, you can add one of the many high performance harvesting tools to your John Deere combine. The HD range offers an articulated carpet cutting platform. The 700X range is a multi-crop unit available in several models depending on the desired cutting width and power. The 600F range offers a floating cutter bar for uneven ground, the 700D, 600 / 700PF range combines cutter bars for small grains. All John Deere front implements aim to meet all the requirements of professionals. What is the price of a John Deere combine? The price of John Deere combines can reach 110,000 euros or even more depending on the options you choose. This is why many potential buyers think before they buy and sometimes look to second-hand in order to cushion the costs. On the Europe-Agriculture.com website, you will find ads for used and new John Deere combine harvesters in just one click. It is important to gather all the information possible on your future harvests. You must know precisely the dimensions of your fields in order to choose the harvester with the rate / power ratio that suits you best. Depending on the quality of grain you want to obtain, you can choose the appropriate front tools. This is why the Europe-Agriculture.com site offers you to select the brand of your combine harvester, check the criteria that seem essential to you such as flow and price range for example. After validation, you can then view all the John Deere combine harvester ads on our site. Spare parts for your John Deere combine harvesters? Whether you are planning to purchase your next John Deere equipment, new or used, or already own a John Deere combine, you have or will need to maintain it. This is why the category "agricultural spare parts" can be of great help to you. Whether for engine, body or transmission parts, you will find all the parts suitable for your John Deere combine.
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