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Used Claas Combine harvester

 220 ads of used Claas Combine harvester

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What is the first Claas combine harvester? The construction of combine harvesters began at Claas in 1936. In order to build equipment that is always more in line with the expectations of agricultural professionals, Claas is always very attentive to possible comments from buyers, which allows it to build varied and above all sophisticated ranges of combine harvesters. This is why today there are different ranges of Claas combine harvesters, and also dozens of models. What are the ranges of Claas combine harvesters? There are several ranges called Axion, Lexion, Tucano and Avero. The first Lexion 8900-7400 range offers combine harvester models with engine power ranging from 408 to 790 horsepower. The cutter bar can measure 4.95 meters to almost 14 meters, its width ranges from 1420 to 1700 mm. Finally, the hopper can contain from 10,000 to 18,000 liters. Last essential characteristic, it has 2 rotors and 5 or 6 counter-rotors. The second Lexion 6900-5300 range provides for lower engine power from 313 to 507 horsepower. The cutter bar can measure up to 12.27 meters and the width of the threshing machine up to 1700 mm. These are not rotors but straw walkers that allow the separation of the grains, there are 5 or 6 depending on your needs. The capacity of the hopper varies from 9000 to 13500 liters. Finally follows the Tucano range with the Tucano 580-550 and 450-320 models. Finally, the Avero range offers a smaller combine for smaller harvests with an engine power not exceeding 140 horsepower. In short, Claas adapts its ranges and models of combine harvesters to suit any type of need. Which front attachments for Claas combine harvesters? The cutter bars and the header are the two most important tools to use when harvesting cereals. This is why Claas offers several types of cutter bars. Standard cutter bars but also cutter bars more specific to certain jobs. The Cerio range, more intended for harvesting rice, offers a cutting extension but also a large diameter of its feed screw. The Vario cutter bar is more suitable for harvesting cereals and rapeseed thanks to its adjustable apron. The cutter bars of the Maxflex, Convio and Corio ranges also follow. Finally, Claas also offers other tools in its Axion, Lexion, Tucano and Avero combine harvester ranges. The Sunspeed header and the Swath up are inventions of the Claas manufacturers which always allow you to improve the quality of your future crops. Why choose a Claas combine harvester? Claas is today one of the most popular builders among professionals in the agricultural sector. But why buy a Claas combine harvester? Farmers are first of all seduced by the brand's inventions, in terms of the ever more precise and efficient ranges of equipment, but above all in terms of the new tools offered. The new threshing system named APS SYNFLOW HYBRID guarantees maximum speeds with above all quality separation. The ROTO PLUS rotor is also a quality tool created by the brand. Grain cleaning is also important for the manufacturer Claas, which therefore provided its solution with the Jet Stream. We can say that Claas is doing everything to find solutions for better crop flow. Comfort, reliability, performance, profitability and precision: these are the qualities of combine harvesters from Claas. Claas combine harvester: new or used? Do you need to find a new combine harvester for your future harvests? But the question directly arises of the type of purchase for your equipment. Of course, the important thing is to ask yourself the right questions and not make a mistake about which brand of combine to choose. Depending on your needs, Claas combine harvesters will undoubtedly meet your requirements. Once you have calculated the size of your plots, found the power as well as the flow rate suitable for you, you will finally be able to turn either to the manufacturers' sites to find new equipment, or even better, to turn to Europe-Agriculture.com which lists all the ads for new or used combine harvesters for you. The opportunity turns out to be a wise choice when purchasing large equipment such as Claas combines. You will avoid loss of money due to new purchases while taking advantage of sometimes very low prices, especially when the seller is in a hurry to sell his equipment. Don't miss a single opportunity to find the Claas combine harvester you need at Europe-Agriculture.com! How much does a Claas combine harvester cost? It is possible to find used Claas harvesters at very affordable prices. Of course, the price varies depending on the criteria of the Claas combine: its year of production, the number of hours on the meter, its overall condition (wear on the machine, wear on tires, wear on parts, etc.). Today on Europe-Agriculture.com you can find a price range from 5,000 euros up to over 60,000 euros for the most recent Claas combines. Spare parts for Claas combine harvesters Have you found your Claas combine harvester? Well done ! Now, it will be essential to maintain it. This is why Europe-Agriculture.com naturally offers you sections that will help you find the parts for your combine harvester. Whether for its engine, its specific parts for front tools etc. , you can find everything you need in our agricultural spare parts section.
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