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Used Fendt Combine harvester

 25 ads of used Fendt Combine harvester

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History of Fendt equipment It was in 1930 that the first Fendt agricultural tractor named Dieselross 6 HP landed. Since its inception, the Fendt brand has strived to be the pioneer in innovation. Today, Fendt is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the production of agricultural machinery. Fendt tractors are of course very well known in the field, but forage harvesters, balers, telescopic loaders and combine harvesters are also coveted equipment because they are at the cutting edge of new technologies. Which models of Fendt combine harvesters? There are 4 series of Fendt combine harvesters: the E-Series, L-Series, C-Series and IDEAL-Series. Each range provides several models depending on the power desired by customers. For example, the L-Series offers you no less than ten models: 5255L, 5255 L MCS, 5255 L MCS RICE etc ... the same goes for the other ranges of Fendt combine harvesters. Because the Fendt brand is part of the Agco group in the same way as Massey Ferguson, we find the same front tools as its sister company such as the CornFlow corn header and the PowerFlow cutter bar. There are different types of cutter bars depending on the desired length or width. The length of a Fendt cutter bar can be 3 meters and can reach 7 meters. What are the options for Fendt combine harvesters? There are several options to choose from for your Fendt combine harvester. Different versions exist for cereals or for corn and soybeans. You can also choose the maximum capacity that your hopper will contain. As said before, the horsepower of your combine is one of the most important criteria to choose since it will determine the speed of your machine. The type of transmission and the number of driving wheels can also be chosen. Finally, you will also find even more specific options such as automatic reel speed, automatic cutting height control or even crop elevators. What is the price of a used Fendt combine? The price of a used Fendt combine will depend on the horsepower chosen and the year of production. The price can vary from 20,000 euros to over 240,000 euros for a recent Fendt combine in very good condition. The newer the harvester with new features, the higher the used price will be than for an older harvester. Often found directly by CUMAs, some individuals are also looking for a used combine. This is why on Europe-Agriculture.com, we think of all types of potential buyers, whether private or professional. You can find all the ads for used combine harvesters for sale in France or abroad. While agricultural groups sometimes favor new equipment, it is also very common for them to take a close interest in used agricultural equipment for sale. How to choose a used Fendt combine? Because we want to be as close as possible to the expectations of our visitors, Europe-Agriculture.com offers you to find your used or new Fendt combine. The Harvest category gathers all the advertisements of suitable equipment for this activity including of course the combine harvesters. After checking the Fendt brand, enter all the characteristics you want for your machine in our search filters located on the left of your screen. Power, year, transmission… Europe-Agriculture.com will then offer you all the ads relevant to your search. Used Fendt combine harvesters for sale on Europe-Agriculture.com How many used combines are there for sale? On Europe-Agriculture.com, you can find more than 2,500 ads for harvesting equipment for sale, including around 1600 ads for used combine harvesters. Price of a used combine harvester? It can vary between 5,000 and 120,000 euros depending on the type of machine chosen. Price of a used Fendt combine? By using the price range available in the search filter on the site, you will inevitably find a Fendt combine in your prices!
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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