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Used farm tractor

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What is a tractor? The tractor is a self-propelled vehicle whose main function is to tow agricultural machinery without an engine. It is made up of 4 wheels, 2 rear wheel drive and two front steering wheels, or 4 wheel drive. Some tractors may be on crawlers. The driving position is sometimes open but, in general, agricultural tractors are equipped with a closed cab allowing the addition of options such as air conditioning for example. Like all motor vehicles, the tractor is made up of an engine, an electrical system, a transmission, steering and braking system. The transmission, formerly mechanical, is now mostly semi-powershift or powershift, or continuously variable ("Vario gearbox" from Fendt). Finally, the tractor can be equipped with a front loader which allows the movement of materials. What is the role of the tractor? The main role of the tractor lies in its ability to tow several types of agricultural equipment. It will then be useful for all stages such as harvesting, spreading or even haymaking. It will tow large equipment such as combine harvesters, trailers, manure spreaders or slurry tankers etc. But what makes the tractor indispensable for activities like haymaking is its power take-off. The tractor's power take-off will enable the energy from the engine to be transmitted to the various implements in the ground. Soil tools are all the tools that will allow you to prepare the soil before the seeds are deposited. Reciprocating or rotary harrows, rotavators are thus called “animated” soil implements. There are other soil tools known as "non-animated" tools which are simply towed such as the plow, the cultivator, the stubble cultivator or the decompactor. How to choose a tractor? It is essential for a farmer to define his needs upstream before choosing his new or used tractor. Depending on the size of his plots, he will be able to decide on the key characteristics of his tractor such as its power and fuel consumption. For large farms, the farmer will be able to switch to tractors with powers over 70 hp, also with many practical options such as integrated GPS. Finally, the price of the tractor, whether new or used, is the last determining factor in making a purchase. On Europe-Agriculture.com, you will find ads for used or new agricultural tractors ranging from 5,000 euros to over 120,000 euros. You can take advantage of the ultra-precise search filters to help you in your choice. So, select whether you are more looking for an older tractor or a newer tractor and indicate the number of drive wheels required, the type of transmission or even a price range. The site will then offer you ads that match your search among more than 8,000 ads for agricultural tractors. In addition, Europe-Agriculture.com offers you to choose your equipment among the biggest brands of agricultural manufacturers. What is the best brand of tractor? Renowned agricultural tractor manufacturers are Case, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Claas, Fendt and New Holland. Each tractor brand is recognizable by the color of its machinery, such as the green of John Deere agricultural tractors, the red of Massey Ferguson agricultural tractors or Case tractors and the blue of New Holland tractors. In order to meet the different needs of farmers, each brand offers ranges of equipment intended for all professionals and amateurs, depending on the power required and the type of transmission. Ergonomics, comfort, productivity and profitability have become the watchwords of manufacturers to ensure pleasant and productive work while minimizing costs. How to sell a tractor on Europe-Agriculture.com? If Europe-Agriculture.com is the site to consult to find a used tractor, it is also an excellent springboard for the sale of your equipment. After registering, fill in the characteristics of your vehicle or agricultural equipment for sale and then take advantage of our 2 million visitors to sell your machine. Advertisements are available throughout France, Poitou Charentes agricultural tractor, Languedoc Roussillon agricultural tractor, Champagne Ardenne agricultural tractor or Alpes côte d azur. Who can drive a tractor? Article R221-20 of the Highway Code explains that: “any driver of a vehicle or agricultural device belonging to an agricultural holding, an agricultural works company or a cooperative for the use of agricultural equipment must be aged 'at least sixteen years old'. Are you looking for spare parts for your used farm tractor? Remember, our "spare parts" section is here to help you find the part you need! Tractor battery, tires, rims etc ... Do not hesitate to consult the parts listings for your tractors but also for your soil tools, your harvesters, your forestry equipment and your equipment for the maintenance of green spaces.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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