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Sprayer :  2 used equipment classified ads

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Main wine growing/making brands :

New Holland, Pellenc, John Deere, Grégoire, Kuhn, Kioti, Provitis, Fendt
The vineyard sprayer is used to spray phytosanitary products on the vines. Specially adapted for the vineyard, the vineyard sprayer can generally treat several rows of vines simultaneously. There are different types of vineyard sprayers: - The projected jet sprayer: the product is pumped then projected through a nozzle - Airblast sprayer: the product is sucked up and projected by a helical fan, and therefore "carried" by the air flow produced - The pneumatic sprayer: the product is fragmented and transported by air, depending on the pressure exerted and the power take-off - The recovery panel sprayer: the recovery panels make it possible to channel the spraying and prevent drift of the sprayed product (leakage on neighboring plots). Find adverts for second-hand vineyard sprayers from the brands Berthoud, Tecnoma, Grégoire, Nicolas…
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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