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Used Same farm tractor

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When was the first Same agricultural tractor born? It was in 1927 that the public got a preview of the first diesel farm tractor of the Same brand. Many developments followed, such as the arrival in 1952 of a series called DA bringing together Same tractors with 4-wheel drive. The explorer range arrived in 1983 then the Virtue range in 2012. In the meantime, Same has developed its transmissions and offers two transmissions called powershift and cvt. The fruit tractors of the Frutteto range arrive in 2018 and become one of the most coveted machines of the brand. What are the types of Same agricultural tractors? Same produces and markets different types of agricultural tractors. First of all, standard tractors, used for all agricultural activities. They can be accompanied by a front loader since Same also designs this type of equipment. Same also produces specialized tractors such as fruit tractors. With smaller wheels at the front, Same fruit tractors are widely recognized and can perform all fruit, wine and wine-growing activities. What are the ranges of Same agricultural tractors? In order to differentiate the size, power and capacity of all its tractors, the Same brand divides all its agricultural tractors into several ranges. Standard tractors for example are divided into 5 different ranges called Virtus, Explorer, Dorado, Dorado Natural and Argon. This is followed by tractors designed for specific activities such as fruit orchard tractors and compact tractors. These two types of Same agricultural tractors belong to the same category, on the other hand there are several different ranges. The frutteto range offers the Same Frutteto Natural tractor, the Frutteto CVT, the frutteto S / V, the frutteto Classic. There are also the Explorer TB and Delfino ranges. What are the options for Same tractors? Like most agricultural tractor manufacturers, Same agricultural tractors are equipped with new technologies which aim to increase tractor performance while improving handling and operator comfort. Thus, Same offers technologies such as SDF Guidance, Imonitor 3, Isobus 3. The management of agricultural tractor performance data is directly managed using tools such as SDF data management, SDF Fleet Management. Where can I find my used or new Same farm tractor? You can find all new and used Same agricultural tractor models on our Europe-Agriculture.com website. You just need to choose the brand from our search filters. You can also choose the type of tractor you need. Used Same fruit tractor? New Same slope tractor? New or used Same farm tractor? Choose from dozens of Same tractor ads.
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