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Used New Holland farm tractor

 614 ads of used New Holland farm tractor

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Buy a used New Holland tractor The New Holland brand has been around since 1903. It is created by the company of the same name, established in the town of New Holland, Pennsylvania. It is particularly well known to farmers for its tractors, recognizable by their blue color. New Holland is a brand firmly rooted in the history of the agricultural world. The world's first prototype gasoline-powered tractor (then referred to as the “automotive plow”) was a New Holland tractor introduced in 1907. The company produces all kinds of agricultural equipment. After several takeovers by large groups seduced by its know-how and expertise (Ford Motor Company, Fiat Group) it ended up merging with Case Corporation to become CNH Global, but Case and New Holland remain two very distinct brands that continue to be each affixed to new tractors and other equipment. On Europe-Agriculture.com, more than 800 ads for used New Holland tractors are posted online. Consult and compare the different offers to buy your New Holland tractor at the best price. What are the New Holland tractor ranges? The New Holland tractor ranges are divided into 4 main categories: compact tractors, universal tractors, plow tractors and narrow tractors. The T3F, TD4F, T4 LP, T4 and T4S are compact tractors, characterized by high power given their dimensions. The T3F, which has the smallest dimensions, is intended for arboricultural work. The TD4F is the most versatile (for small farms), while the T4 LP is lower and better suited for breeding. Finally, the T4 and T4S are slightly larger in size for improved power and comfort. The so-called “universal” New Holland tractor ranges offer the most versatility. These are the TD5, T5 Utility, T5 Electro Command and T5 Auto Command / Dynamic Command ranges. The T6, T7 SWB, T7 LWB, T7 Heavy Duty and T8 tractors are New Holland plow tractors: stronger, more powerful and more resistant. The T4V, T4N and T4F ranges are ranges of narrow tractors, reserved for specialized crops: these tractors can pass between rows and over rough terrain. How much does a New Holland tractor cost? New Holland tractors are available in many models with different performance. For purchases of used tractors, additional price criteria must be taken into account, such as wear, year or the market of supply and demand. The most expensive are generally offered for sale up to 200,000 euros. Europe-Agriculture.com allows you to indicate your price range in the search options. You can also choose to display the results by price (ascending or descending) to more easily find the ads that best meet your expectations.
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