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Used Massey Ferguson farm tractor

 377 ads of used Massey Ferguson farm tractor

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Buying a used Massey Ferguson tractor Massey Ferguson is one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural tractors. This is a historic brand of agricultural tractors. By offering particularly robust and versatile models, it is the first tractor brand to have won over small farmers. Massey Ferguson took its final name in 1958, after the Ferguson company merged with Massey Harris, which produced the 1951 Pony tractor, which is now popular with collectors. The brand's models are recognizable by their colors in red and gray. On Europe-Agriculture.com you will find more than 800 advertisements of used Massey Ferguson tractors. What are the Massey Ferguson tractor ranges? Massey Ferguson has 15 ranges of agricultural tractors. From the least powerful to the most powerful, it ranges from the MF 1500 compact tractor range (19.5 to 32 hp) to the MF 8700 S range (between 270 to 405 hp). The 6 lower power ranges (MF 1500, 1700, 3700, 3700 AL, 4700 and 4700 M) offer the choice between a platform version or a cabin version. MF tractors in the higher horsepower ranges benefit from the Dyna 4 transmission (16 forward speeds and 16 reverse speeds), or the Dyna 6 transmission for the highest horsepower (24 forward speeds and 24 reverse speeds). reverse). Dyna transmissions can operate without a clutch and have a dual drive mode (pedal or lever) for operator comfort. How much does a Massey Ferguson tractor cost? Up to 200,000 euros, but sometimes much lower ... The price of a used MF tractor will strongly depend on your selection criteria: are you looking for a compact tractor, an old tractor , or a more classic tractor? How much power for your Massey Ferguson farm tractor? Quickly access the most relevant ads using our search filters located in the menu on the left. They will also allow you to set your price range. Advertisements for new MF tractors are also available on Europe-Agriculture.com.
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