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Used Fendt farm tractor

 327 ads of used Fendt farm tractor

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Buying a used Fendt tractor Over 1000 advertisements for Fendt tractors are published on the Europe-Agi pages. Choose from the different models available. You can also refine your search criteria to find in a few clicks the Fendt tractor for sale that best suits your needs. The first tractor from the Fendt brand dates from 1930. It bears the name “Dieselross”. Until the 2000s, the manufacturer specialized exclusively in the production of agricultural tractors. He is one of the pioneers in the development of high power tractors. Historically, the Fendt Favorit 926 Vario tractor is known: it was the very first tractor with a continuously variable transmission, introduced in 1995. In 2002, Fendt broadened its range of agricultural equipment by entering into the production of combines and balers, but he remained above all an expert in the field of tractors. Did you find your perfect used Fendt tractor among the classifieds ofEurope-Agriculture.com? Get in touch with the seller by filling out the form on the ad, or directly by phone. You also have the possibility of creating alerts so as not to miss out on the best offer, as well as the possibility of saving your searches. What are the ranges of Fendt tractors? All ranges of Fendt tractors work with the Vario transmission (continuously variable transmission) which is the pride of the manufacturer and whose efficiency is well established. These ranges, from the least powerful to the most powerful, are called Fendt 200 Vario, Fendt 300 Vario, Fendt 500 Vario, Fendt 700 Vario, Fendt 800 Vario, Fendt 900 Vario, and Fendt 1000 Vario. The Fendt 200 Vario (with the lowest power) develops a maximum power of 77 to 111 hp. This range of tractors is no longer produced by its manufacturer, but is still available second-hand. The most powerful range (Fendt 1000 Vario) reaches a maximum power of 396 to 517 hp. How much does a Fendt tractor cost? The price of a used Fendt tractor is set by its seller, who must take into consideration all the characteristics of the vehicle: make and model, equipment, but also age, mileage, general condition… The offers will therefore vary greatly according to your requirements. . Some tractors in excellent condition can be sold for up to 300,000 euros, but others will be much cheaper. To avoid spending too much time looking through all the classifieds for Fendt tractors, Europe-Agriculture.com offers a variety of search criteria.
Europe-Agriculture.com, website dedicated to sale your used farm equipment.

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