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Used Claas farm tractor

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Buy a used Claas tractor On Europe-Agriculture.com you will find more than 1000 Claas tractors for sale, new or used. Choose a European manufacturer whose expertise in agricultural equipment is well established! The Claas company was founded by the 4 Claas brothers (August, Theo, Franz and Bernhard) in 1913, its first agricultural equipment dates from 1957, but the first tractor produced by the manufacturer did not see the light of day before 1978. With its first tractor , the Xerion, which has been a great success since its launch, Claas is bringing a project close to his heart to fruition. The Xerion tractor stands out from the crowd with its continuously variable transmission. This first range will not cease to be improved over the years. It is still one of the benchmark tractor ranges today. In 2003, Claas acquired Renault Agriculture, which enabled it to strengthen its range of agricultural tractors with more standard models. Since then, the manufacturer has continued to innovate and to offer new models, often presented during the Agritechnica show where they have already received numerous awards. What are the ranges of Claas tractors? The most famous and powerful range of Claas tractors is the famous Xerion range. The new Xerions can be fitted with twin tires, four equal wheels, or even tracks for a greater surface area of contact with the ground. Regardless of the model in the range, it has a 6-cylinder engine. The maximum powers vary between 530 hp and 462 hp. The cabins may be central or more to the rear of the tractor depending on the model. Some models like the Xerion Trac VC even have a swivel cab. Then come the Axion 960-920 and Axion 870-800 ranges, respectively offering maximum power between 325-445 hp and 205-295 hp. Axion tractors are fitted with the CEMOS driver assistance system, capable of optimizing all settings, both of the vehicle itself and of the tools it may be required to tow. The Arion 660-510 and Arion 460-410 ranges are also equipped with the CEMOS system. Their maximum powers are 125-205 hp for the Arion 660-510 and 90-140 hp for the Arion 460-410. The Atos tractor, less powerful, is available in 6 models. Three of them are 3-cylinder, and the other three are 4-cylinder. They can reach a maximum power of 75 to 107 hp, for a maximum speed of 40 km / hour at a reduced engine speed. Claas also offers two ranges of compact tractors: the Elios range and the Nexos range. How much does a Claas tractor cost? The price of a used Claas tractor can go up to 300,000 euros, but you can also find it cheaply. Depending on the range, model and options and equipment included, large price differences are to be expected. This is especially true for used Claas tractors, the prices of which also vary depending on the state of wear, mileage and year of the farm tractor for sale. Europe-Agriculture.com offers you a wide choice of Claas tractors. Choosing a used Claas tractor will allow you to acquire it at the best price. Use our location search options to find a seller near you. You can then contact him using the form or contact details indicated on the advertisement for the agricultural tractor of your choice.
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